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In the name of being tech enthusiasts, we are eager to help clients overcome challenges by various approaches

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Web Application Development

Starting at business analysis and consultation approaches, a system design will be conducted by Crexp delivering the fittest solutions to client's business model and processes. Furthermore, we ensure a cost and time-efficient approach throughout the entire life cycle of web-app development projects while keep the planned deliverables in perfect order.

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Mobile Application Development

Adapting lastest methodologies of mobile application development, our team deliver methodologies that ensure time and cost effeciency. Comparing to traditional methodology of native build, CrexP technology always prioritze the most updatest solutions as React Native and Flutter so that our deliverables meet client needs when it comes to timeframe and development resources.

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Website Application Development

In a combination of marketing, design and strategy, Crexp committed to spread creative expressions in the name of being innovative and responsible. Along with technology and software development, we consider ourself as a pioneer of creative agencies when it comes to web and mobile design projects.

About Crexp

Crexp drives business impacts for our clients with more than 20 developers, designers, business analysts, project managers and technical leaders. Our team dedicated and stick to our vision of accelerating technology adoption across industries.



Ensure seamless deliverables at highest level of customer satisfaction while creating the most innovative tech solutions for the clients.



Acelerate technology and empower businesses by innovative solutions


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Our technology specialists are highly skilled technical leaders, developers, designers, business analysts that beyond full-stack and work with dedicated adtitude, try to add value to customer business by consultation approaches.

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